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A National Movement

State after state across the nation has recognized the need for alimony reform. In South Carolina, the matter has been studied in detail over several years and much discussed in committee. The bills produced with the input of family court attorneys have been carefully crafted to leave judges discretion, while giving them more options. This will provide both parties an equitable path to move on after divorce.

Did You Know?

• Permanent alimony is the most commonly awarded form of alimony in SC.
• South Carolinians married for as little as 2 years pay permanent alimony.
• The average alimony payment is around 1/3 of the payor's income; some pay ½.
• As a result, payors cannot retire and parents can't help pay for college.

The Bills

S-1115: Creates public policy seeking equity for both parties. No one form of alimony preferred.
S-1167: Creates transitional and fixed term alimony, giving judges more options.
S-1087: Focuses on modifications; payors can seek a reduction or an end to alimony at retirement .
S-1170: Bars consideration of subsequent spouse's earnings.
H-4029: A larger bill combining goals of the smaller bills above.

"Click on the flyer below and you can print out a one page explanation of our organization that you can present to your state Senator and House Representative".

Alimimony Reform Flyer

Write a Letter to the Editor of Your Local Newspaper

We are asking each one of our members to write a letter to the editor of their local newspaper. In your letter tell how permanent alimony means "permanent" and is a lifetime payment. Tell how archaic and unfair it is. Ask your House Representatives to support alimony reform by voting for our bill, H-4029. Ask your Senate Representatives to support our companion bill in the Senate once it is introduced. Mention SC Alimony Reform and ask the readers of the letter to write to us at SCalimonyreform@gmail.com and join us in the fight against the current permanent alimony laws in SC.

When people read these letters they find out about our organization. When they find out about us they join us. When they join us it puts more pressure on the legislature to act.




1) Alimony should end at the legal retirement age of payer as determined by the published Social Security guidelines based on payer's birth year. The recipient shall be given 120 day notice in writing in advance of such event.

2) Alimony should end at any point when the recipient's passive or active income or assets exceeds that of the payer.

3) The eligibility to receive alimony and its duration shall be based on the length of the marriage with the term of the alimony calculated by an increasing graduated percentage thereof.

4) Schedule of alimony payments based on length of marital years:

Less than 5 years 0%
5-10 years 20%
10-20 years 30%
20-30 years 40%
30 years + 50%

In no instance, shall alimony be paid for longer than 50% of the length of the marriage. Judicial discretion may be applied to extend alimony only in those circumstances involving medically documented and verifiable physical or mental disability which would prohibit adequate employment.

5) Should the payer seek modification for reduction of alimony based on a significant and verifiable change of circumstances due to a health, financial or employment setback, which supports an inability, either temporary or permanent, to pay alimony the court will not arbitrarily increase the amount which is being sought to reduce.

6) The amount of alimony paid shall be offset by the amount of the Social Security Spousal benefit received if alimony is still in effect at payer's retirement age.

7) Subsequent spouses' income and/or assets may not be considered in any calculation of alimony.

8) Co-habitation as a bar to alimony shall be defined as "any such time two non-related individuals, gender notwithstanding, move in together and are socially recognized as being a couple, sharing a home, expenses and all the benefits and responsibilities of a legally married husband and wife. Confirmation of co-habitation may be sufficiently supported by the same mailing address on a driver's license, income tax returns, jointly named on utility accounts, bank accounts or other personal documents, which because of their nature support an intimacy typically related to a legal marriage."

I would like to thank all of our members for their hard work and support. If you would like to join our organization and help us change the archaic laws in South Carolina please click on the "Join Our Cause" button in the upper left hand corner of this web site and sign up. We need all the help that we can get. We are an all volunteer group and no one is paid for their efforts. We are just a group of people who feel that is unfair and unjust to have to pay someone for the rest of your life simply because your marriage failed.


Please contact us if you want to help change the laws in South Carolina. If you are paying permanent alimony you need to join our organization. When you help us you help yourself. You can contact us at www.scalimonyreform.com or e-mail us at


We are a state of South Carolina non-profit association dedicated to modernizing the outdated alimony laws of South Carolina. We are looking for people just like you that would like to join us in our effort. If you feel that the alimony laws in South Carolina are unfair and unjust in today's society, please join us and help us update these archaic laws. We are seeking to change permanent alimony to limited duration alimony with a safety valve for those that really need it due to physical or mental disabilities. You can e-mail us at . You may also call us at 803-531-3002.

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But change can happen! Through the efforts of an organization very much like ours
they reformed the alimony laws in Massachusetts in 2011.

Thank you for your support!

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